Upon consultation a recommendation will be made as to which package/structure will best serve your goals. Ultimately the final decision is yours.

Private PT (1 to 1) Block Booking

45 Minutes    60 Minutes

Block Booking £40 - £45 (Min of 8)

£320     £360

Block booking £45 - £50 (Min of 4)

£180             £200

*please note that all block booking sessions must be used within 6 weeks of purchased, unless prior agreement is stated.

Standard 1 to 1 training consists of an assessment where your health MOT (weight, BMI, body fat percentages & BMR) will be taken and your fitness goals will be discussed. Afterwards a recommendation will be made inline with your fitness goals. During our time together regular review dates will be held where your stats are retaken to track progress and development. I also advise on clients taking their own personal body photos as well, as another way to track their journey.

This type of training will suit any of your fitness goals from; weight loss, body fat reductions, toning, increased muscular endurance/strength, hypertrophy (gaining muscle size) and specific area targeting.

Additional Services