Reaching your fitness goals isn't always as straight forward as you might think. You may struggle with things like nutrition, weight loss or just don't know why you aren't reaching your goals.

While training with YoungsFitnessUk you will learn more about your body and what is required to get the results you desire.

Below are my specialist areas and services provided with more detail for easier understanding.

Services Provided

  • Body Fat Reduction - Body fat is your fat to muscle ratio. Have you ever seen someone who is the same weight as you but they wear a different size clothes? Body fat may be the reason why.

  • Muscle Toning and Development - Muscle tone is how defined your muscles look. Most people relate this to a 4/6 pack, but you can get muscle definition in majority parts of the body eg; arms, shoulders, chest, back and legs.

  • Nutritional Guidance Plans - I like to develop my nutritional guidance plans so that you have a healthy relationship with food. I believe that you should be able to reach your goals and still be able to enjoy food. By finding the right balance in calories intake and training you will be surprised that you wont have to starve or over fill yourself to reach your goals. I use your BMR and your own personal food dairy to help develop your nutritional plan.

  • Strength and Conditioning - Recovering from an injury? Or simply want to strengthening a particular part of your body that feels weaker or not as strong as you would like? I will help condition and strengthen your chosen areas so that you have the confidence in your body to perform at the level you require.

  • Weight Loss - Do you want to be a certain weight? Or need to shift a few pounds for an event? Post Covid-19 a lot of people have noticed they have gained some extra weight (myself included). Understanding your body and goals is a huge part to being where you want.

  • Fitness Programming - Do you exercise regularly but find yourself plateauing? Sometimes a little change can have the most impact. Whether it be with different exercises; rest or repetition count, there are a number of ways to change the way you exercise. I will help you design your workouts and track your progress with regular check ins and Q&A's. fitness programming may be what you need.

  • Virtual Sessions - Maybe training face to face isn't something you want right now or your self isolating? Maybe you aren't able to get to the gym or live to far away. With effective training methods, with or without equipment virtual sessions may be right for you.

  • Sport Specific Training - Training for a certain sport to be either more explosive or strong? Or maybe you simply want to be able to play for longer without fatiguing as quick. I will help train your chosen areas so that you have the confidence in your body to perform at the level you require for your chosen sport.

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